When a man lose his job Download PC Game Full Version

Game When a man lose his job Download PC Game Full Version Free Download

You are a 35-years-old man who struggling in a huge city, the mortgage is pressing you to work day and night. Suddenly ,you got fired!
Without income, you have to pay mortgage (15000 G /month) and raise 2 kids! How can you do that?
Come on ! Earn money and save your family!

This is a strange RPG game which you need to earn money to save your family,the mortgage need to be paid everyday,so you need to use all the resource and skills to earn money!

Game elements:

■ Many jobs which can make money! You can cook,drive Taxi,moving bricks,sending take-out food,mining,sell food,making video to be a “up master”,selling cargo in your channel,buying stock,buying house,fishing,catching bugs,fishing with net,selling meat,borrow money,open restaurant,selling financing product,run a financing company/fund company,selling bonds,selling stock,run factory,renting your yacht,You can even be mercenaries in war…

■ A variety of Random events, need you to handle them! Catching cold,stomache,breaking bones,over-stressed..

■ Free Explore the world. It is a free small world to explore, you can use a ship to go to other island and find new things—which may make you rich!

■ Multiple endings. Your choice will lead to different ending, the perfect ending is very difficult, but it is worthy!

Please enjoy:)