The Looter Free Download PC Game Full Version Torrent

Game The Looter Free Download PC Game Full Version Torrent Free Download

The world is coming to an end. Everything is lost and destroyed, humanity is in disarray. Somewhere in this world there is Tortura – giant forest that devoured monuments of civilization of the past. Tortura is a dangerous place, not many people decides to live there, and those who dare, are hiding behind thick walls, sleeping with their guns. There is also a group of people that are desperate or courageous enough to bet their life and roll few dices for a promise of riches – Looters, scavengers with a bit of morality, just enough to extend a helping hand and not stab each other. They are roaming forest with a hope to find artefacts of the past: books, clothes, lost technology – everything that can be traded for food, water, ammo, a little bit of luxury, until they run out of luck.

Story begins when protagonist – nameless looter and his comrades reach the Watch Tower – old construction placed at the edge of Tortura, last safe place with a vague sense of civilization. The pack is to be hired by emissary of local magnate. The job is to find cure for magnates disease, that supposedly should be in monastery – a place where even looters don’t dare to venture. The journey starts. While making his way through Tortura, protagonist is attacked and critically wounded by strange creature. With no signs of life, his pack leaves him thinking that he’s dead. After some time, protagonist wakes up fully healed, alone in seclusion. Abandoned and with no other choice he decides to continue his way to the monastery, hoping to find his friends. While exploring forest, meeting people, looting, and fighting ruthless creatures protagonist will get involved in events that will uncover the tragic story of Tortura with great evil lurking in the shadows.


Game is focused on using firearms such as handgun, shotgun and assault rifle. Player will be able to aim in 360 angle. There are also light melee attacks, variety of equipment such as frag grenades, flashbangs or landmines and more.


Tortura is full of secrets and hidden places. Investigating them will be rewarded. You will have to solve puzzle to move forward.

Player development

As gameplay progresses player will gain new items that will unlock new areas and allow him explore further levels. Player will also gain new equipment and perks that will make gameplay and especially combat easier and more diverse.


Loot serves as in-game currency. Player gathers loot through whole game by exploring levels and defeating enemies. Loot can be used for: buying items, trading, crafting and gaining new perks.


While gathering loot, player can also acquire materials that are used for crafting usable items. As game progresses player will gain new blueprints / recipes for crafting certain items.
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