Eternal Return Black Survival Free Download PC Game

Game Eternal Return Black Survival Free Download PC Game Free Download


The scientific organization known as AGLAIA has a dream. They wish to create a new race of extraordinary humans, and they are currently conducting live experiments on their living test subjects.
Become a test subject for a top secret experimental project, test your strength while fighting the others, and be the last one standing.


14 different characters with different styles

Pick your favorite character. There are a variety of characters with diverse backgrounds and combat styles to exactly match your preference.
Hunt your enemies with a chainsaw as the serial killer, Jackie, snipe from afar as the rookie cop Aya, hop on the motorbike of gangster Magnus, admire the fencing skills of Fiora, or discover one of the many more characters available in the game.

New Characters: Hyejin, Xiukai and Sissela

Seal the fate of your enemies with the shaman, Hyejin, cook up their demise with the juggernaut chef, Xiukai, or make them feel the pain of the incurable patient, Sissela. The choice of strategy is yours.

Strategic Survival Gameplay

Search for materials, craft equipment or food, hunt wild animals, set traps, track your enemies, shoot your enemies from afar or get up in their face, devise a strategy to take the victory, and survive until the end.

Team Modes

Experience the fun of playing and working together with other players to become the last team standing. If you want to play with friends, hop into a Duo or Squad mode match!

Tutorial for new players

Learn the basics. We have an easy to follow tutorial, so any new player can understand the game and quickly jump in and test their skills in the multiplayer matches.

Single Mode for extra practice

Practice against AI to prep yourself for PVP matches or to play at your own speed. Try any of the 3 different difficulty levels available.

Normal Mode to challenge yourself

Match against other players from around the world. Get ready to test your skills and your strategy in 18 player matches where only ONE ends victorious.